Wellant, the apple for gourmets!

Are you looking for an apple with a deeply aromatic and rich flavour? Then Wellant® is the ideal choice for you! Wellant® apples are juicy with a crunchy bite and have a high sugar and acid content. The intense flavour and fruity aroma make eating this apple an experience like never before.

The classic red blush and rustic appearance make Wellant® a real eye-catcher in the apple category. Wellant® is a steady grower during the season. This gentle pace of development allows the apple to absorb all of the goodness nature has to offer. All these qualities make Wellant® the perfect apple for true gourmets.

Fruit traits

Wellant® apples are red to deep red in colour. They show a characteristic fine to slightly coarse russeting which gives the apples a rustic appearance. Average blush is 80-90%. The average fruit size is between 70-90-mm which makes the apples quite large. Wellant® has a crunchy, firm bite.

Cultivation traits

Wellant® is an apple variety that was bred in the Netherlands. It originates in Wageningen. One of the varieties used in the cross-breeding process was Elise. Wellant® has a low thinning requirement, colours easily and grows well in north-western- and central Europe. The trees show vigorous to strong growth, with branches that have a horizontal to upright habit. Wellant® blossoms 1-2 days earlier than Elstar and Golden Delicious. Wellant® is not particularly prone to biennial bearing.

Wellant® is susceptible to magnesium deficiency, so this aspect should be paid extra attention in the fertilising plan. Wellant® can also be susceptible to powdery mildew during cultivation. In addition, Wellant® is mildly susceptible to canker on a level comparable to Jonagold. It is, however, not particularly susceptible to the rosy apple aphid.

Harvest and storage

The picking period is 2-3 weeks after Elstar and before SQ159 and Braeburn. Wellant® is usually picked in two stages. The firmness of the fruit is around 6.0 and 6.5 kg/cm2. The apples have a starch content of 8.5-9.0 with a sugar content of 15° Brix. Wellant® apples can be stored for up to eight months after picking (May/June) in ULO conditions.


Wellant® is sold as a branded, club apple in an open concept on the European market. The apple is sold directly to consumers (farm gate sales) but is also available from speciality green grocers and from various European retailers.