Adrie Verbeek

CEO of Verbeek Kwekerijen

Second generation owner of family business Verbeek Nurseries. Started as an employee in 1980, then a partnership. Final takeover in 1996.

Han Fleuren

Owner of Fruittree nursery Fleuren

Fruit tree nurser and inspirer. Speaker and chairman as a surprising side activity. Free to laugh, interactive, bridging the gap between farmer and citizen.

Florent Geerdens

CEO of René Nicolaï

Florent grew up on his family farm in Belgium. After attaining his university degree, he began working for René Nicolaï NV in 1982, originally as the production manager in the orchards and tree nursery. In 1990, he became the sales representative in Belgium, and later for the whole European area. January 2000 Florent became the chief executive of René Nicolaï NV nursery.

Jan van Ingen

CEO of Van Rijn Fruittrees

Variety management to raise the profile and support sales of apples under the brand name Lola®